The number of small businesses is increasing in Nawalparasi

More than 2,100 home-based and small businesses were added in the Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta West) area in a year . At the same time, more than 9,000 people also found jobs in new industries.

Netra Prasad Bhusal, head of

the Household and Small Business Administration, said that in the last fiscal year 2077/78, 2,167 small and home-based businesses were registered. And compared to the previous year, they were up significantly.

In the previous 2076-07 fiscal year, there were 1,121 registered businesses in the area. Among the newcomers last year were agriculture and forestry. There were 1,557 registered agribusinesses in the last 2077/78 fiscal year, with 470 service businesses and 140 manufacturing businesses added, according to the department.

According to the department, the increase in the number of industrial enterprises is due to the Lumbini state government providing free industry registration to the unemployed because of the epidemic in order to create conditions for self-employment in the country. Likewise, the number of women entrepreneurs is increasing because incentives and benefit programs are being introduced for women, Bhusal said.

Last year alone, the number of entrepreneurs was 2,396, including 1,303 men and 1,093 women. According to the office, Rs. 5.6 billion

dollars invested in the industry.

The new industry employed 9,132 people, he said. Six thousand 221 people, including 3,515 men and 2,706 women, are employed in agriculture and forestry.

According to the head of Bhusal’s office, 2,084 people found jobs in the service industry. There are 1,362 men and 722 women. New manufacturing industries employ 827 people, including 572 men and 255 women. The area is considered fertile for agriculture. According to the office, most of the youth and women here are attracted to entrepreneurship.