Nepal’s Foreign Ministry says 118 people have returned to the country from Kabul

At least 118 citizens have returned to Nepal from Afghanistan. This was announced by the Nepali Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

“The return of our compatriots to their homeland from Afghanistan has begun. On Tuesday, 118 Nepalis returned on a chartered flight via Kuwait,” said Seva Lamal of the diplomatic office.

“We expect more Nepali nationals to arrive from Kabul,” she added.

From Aug. 5 to 15, 164 Nepalis who were in Afghanistan returned to Nepal.

In July 2016, Nepali authorities banned citizens from traveling to work in that country after 13 Nepali nationals serving as guards at the Canadian embassy in Kabul were killed in a terrorist attack. After the ban was lifted, a large number of Nepalis left to work in Afghanistan. Their number is estimated at 6,000.

On Monday, the Nepalese government sought help from the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, the EU and the United Nations to evacuate 1,500 of its citizens from Kabul officially employed in Afghanistan.