Abdo Romeo Abdo’s BNK Estate: Galileo Shopping Centre in Minsk

Modern consumers tastes and demands evolve fast, and a commercial real estate business must live up to their expectations to ensure its successful survival on the market. Few companies in Belarus can surpass Abdo Romeo Abdo’s BNK Estate in turning the shopping into a continuous experience of convenience and delight.

The development of the Belarusian internal market has created high demand for the increase and variation of shopping and entertainment options to accommodate the population’s ever-growing need for restaurants, shops and cinemas. Abdo Romeo Abdo’s innovative and constructive involvement in the Belarusian commercial property development has brought the shopping experience in Minsk to a qualitatively new level.

Abdo’s BNK Estate

The BNK Estate Company has acquired a high reputation in Belarus for providing excellent caretaking and all-inclusive services for its numerous office tenants and shopping customers. Under Abdo Romeo Abdo’ creative leadership, it has developed several significant business and entertainment centres in Minsk.

Galileo Shopping Centre

The BNK Estate Company has put into operation and currently maintains one of the first shopping malls in Belarus. Ever since its construction, the Galileo shopping centre has enjoyed immense popularity among local people and tourists alike. In 2015, it won the Best Shopping Centre Award. Several factors seem to account for the mall’s continuous success.

Advantageous Location

Galileo is conveniently located in a busy part of the city centre. Moreover, the mall is very close to the central train station. The shopping centre is the first place new arrivals visit when they leave the station, and many of them will be awaiting their departure time in this place too.

Immense Variety of Entertainment and Services

Galileo provides a virtually infinite variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options to satisfy its never-ending traffic of customers. Since the shopping mall is in the centre of the city, it is always full of people, and yet, it manages to accommodate all its visitors’ tastes and expectations, no matter what they might be.

In addition, Galileo provides an undercover parking area that is large enough to accommodate 500 cars. That is an invaluable service in the city centre where a parking lot is always hard to find. Countless office workers and people who come to town for business or entertainment appreciate the spacious parking zone provided by the mall.

BNK Estate’s Effective Management

Still, none of the above would explain Galileo’s commercial success without the efficient and responsive management provided by Abdo Romeo Abdo’s BNK Estate Company. Under his executive management, BNK Estate constantly renovates the shopping centre’s facilities, upgrades and diversifies its services and strives to maintain its continuous improvement in order to live up to its customers’ evolving expectations and demands.

The most innovative projects BNK Estate is currently implementing in Galileo include:

  • The first fusion food corner in Belarus

On this project, BNK Estate intends to bring together a kaleidoscopic variety of food corners, farmer’s stalls and deli shops to treat its customers to an impressive selection of the most delicious and exotic dishes in the city. It will also include a spacious area for various festivals and other events and a cooking studio for the visitors to learn how to prepare delicious and rare dishes.

  • A shop-in-shop fashion area

A fashion shopping zone of 2.5K square meters will introduce its customers to some of the finest and most famous fashion designers with international acclaim. The brands will include Francesco Bonami, Trussardi, Karl Lagerfeld, Napapijri, Cerruti 1881 and Michael Kors, to name a few.

  • An ultramodern cinema nouveau

The multilevel movie theatre will be equipped with LED screens, Italian armchairs and the 64-channel Dolby Atmos technology to provide a high-quality resolution, superb surround sound and the total immersion effect for the audience. BNK intends to execute the interior design in the style of Chapman Taylor, who has made his name famous in London, Hamburg, Dubai and Madrid.

Final Word

Shopping malls and business centres have to meet their customers’ ever-changing expectations and needs by providing them with a variety of options and the most up-to-date services of the highest quality. The Galileo shopping mall is an excellent example of the professional caretaking and innovative services the BNK Estate Company provides for its customers under Abdo Romeo Abdo’s executive management.