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Barpak Village

Barpak is a village situated in the northern part of the Gorkha district of Nepal, in the Barpak. it is inhabited by Ghales, Gurungs, Sunwars, Pariyars.

There are more than 1,447 houses in the village. The village can be reached by direct bus transportation from Kathmandu except in rainy season..Barpak is situated upon the hilltop about 1,900 m (6,200 ft) above sea level of Gorkha and approximately 45 km away from Gorkha Bazar and it is175 kilometers from Kathmandu. There is a graveled road from Abu Khaireney running on the bank of Darauti River to Barpak which extended to Laprak, Gumda and so on. Barpak has nearly 1447 households and nearly 11000 residents. There is small number of Kami, Damai and Sunar (Dalit tribe) in the village serving the community from generation after generation.

Barpak is known as the village of late VC Capt. GajeGhale who won the highest honor Victoria Cross Medal in Second World Warin Burma. He was also decorated with Nepal Tara by Late Shah King of Nepal.

There is a saying that there was Ghale King who ruled Barpak and surroundings. It used to be a trail for salt traded between Tibetans and Newars of Kathmandu in the early days of Baisey, ChaubeseyRajya( Twenty Two,Twenty Four States) in the early 1400 B.S. During the unification campaign let by Shah Dynasty of Nepal by king Drabya Shah and Prithibi Narayan Shah they called Ghale King for a peace talk and was believed to be tricked and wiped out in Nimel on the sandy bank of Daraudi River.

Ghales were given enough wine in metal dish but Shah’s knights were served wine on tapari (hand-made plate with leaves). As Ghales got drunk with binge drinking fight broke out. Shah knights had already hidden swords under sand long before the party started and slaughtered everyone with their hidden weapons. This mass murder wiped out Ghale clan but a few survived who were still unborn, therefore even today; Dangey clan of Ghale tribe never drink water at "Nimel" believing it was flooded with Ghale clan blood once. Those survived, now lives in many parts of Nepal. They had scattered around to survive. As years goes on, Ghales who lives in Gurungs community, says Gurung-Ghale, those who lives in Tamang community, says Tamang –Ghale, and those who lives in Magar community, says Magar-Ghale. But in the original place, Barpak, they say Ghales are Ghale.

The Ghale language is spoken in Barpak and surrounding which has different accent e.g. Khorla, Uiya, Jagat, Philim, Nyak and also quite different from the one spoken around Lamjung, Pokhara etc. This language is spoken by almost 25 thousand people around Barpak,Uiya,Pukri to Gumda area. Barpak is believed to be very old settlement historically in the sense that people still practice Buddhist religion. They seemed to have adapted Buddhism and over the centuries and some Hinduism. It has one monastery named "Khumche Gumba"and one temple " Kot Devi" and one church. But in practice Barpakis go to DhamiDorong (cemetery) on Baishak Purnima (on Buddha’s Birthday) to worship and get blessing from their ancestors. They gather especially brothers of same clan believed to be extended family from same forefather this day to remember their ancestors and get blessing from them offering food and wine following ritual puja from kulJhakri (chosen Shaman). Barpakies celebrate Magheysangrantivery specially as New Year.