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Khumche Gumba

The traditional culture of Himalayan Region in Nepal is mostly Buddhist and so as Barpak. The people of Barpak and its surrounding villages such as Laprak, Gumda, Singla, Ghyachow, Dhansira, Saurpani practice the Buddhist culture. There are some Monks in other villages but in Barpak there are some number of senior Lama Gurus and many junior monks who are studying in Buddhist Monastry in Kathmandu and in Bodhgaya, India. Even though people of Barpak practice Buddhism since many years from generation to generation, the Kumche Gomba was established only in 18/01/1999 with help of Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee and local's participation. But it is totally destroyed by earthquake on 25th April 2015.

With the help of Very Venerable Guru Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development committee, the destroyed Gomba is under Rebuilding process. The Gumba (Community) hall will be used for various events and programs of the community.

Proposed Community Building

V.V. Guru Mingyur Rinpoche on his visit in Barpak on 25-03-2016
Exe. Director NarendraGurung inaugurating KhumcheGomba on 22-02-2016
District Leader cum local HariBdr. Ghale
BPPMDC Officer Ram BabuSapkota
V.V.GuruMingyur Rinpoche Blessing to locals.
Guru with local Lama while leaving Barpak
HBF Advisors Kash Man Ghale, JitBdr. Ghale and monk TseringDhundup .
Puja during the inauguration ceremony of KhumcheGomba( which was completely destroyed during the devastating earthquake on 25th April 20150.
Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee (BPPMDC) members and Locals during inauguration ceremony of KhumcheGomba inBarpak on 22/02/2016.
Locals participating very special "Wang"(Blessing) ceremony by V.V. Guru Mingyur Rinpoche on 25th March 2016.