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  1. Distribution of certificate of appreciation to all donors and partners who supported since earthquake 2015  till date.
  2. Organised Health camp with the help of  Rotary club of Kantipur, Health @ Home, Troika International and Metro hospital.

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT ( January to March 2016)

  1. Rebuilding of the one and only Monestery of Barpak “ Khumche Gumba” with the coordination of Government and Help Barpak Foundation Uk.
  2. For the socio economic development of villagers “ The commercial potato farming “ project launched with the help of “ DAAYITWO”. Total 124 individuals farmed potato in the 1st phase.
  3. The Very Venerable Guru Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche visited Barpak and the site where the Khumche Gomba is rebuilding. Monetary contribution from the V.V. guru for the Gomba.
  4. Monetary contribution from the V.V. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche  for  Shree Himalaya H.S. school for those who appearing for SLC. The monetary contribution will use for extra coaching fees of those students.  

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT ( October to December 2015)

  1. Delivery of desks and benches for all schools of Barpak donated by Staff association of UNICEF.
  2. Delivery of chairs and metal lockers for all teachers in Barpak.

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT ( Bhadra-Ashoj/August-September 2015)

We Coordinate, Manage and Organise:

  1. The Khumche Gumba Reconstruction Project is started in coordination with, Mr.Narendra Kumar Gurung of Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and monastery Development Committee , Nepal Government. The first step started with the set up of gumba committe, they will be responsible for overseeing the reconstruction.
  2. Monetary contribution to HBFN by our advisor Capt./SARO Mr. Rem Bahadur Ghale.

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT ( Shrawan-Bhadra/July-August 2015)

We Coordinate, Manage and Organise:

  1. Construction of 4 room toilet in Shree Kanya Devi lower secondary school in Pokhari-1. The support was provided by Institute of Tropical medicine, Belgium their staff and alumni through Dr. Shishir Dahal, Radiologist, Bir Hospital.
  2. Research on Barpak was carried out by HBFN and NIDS. The objective of this research is to have an intensive report on the socio-economic situation of Barpak based on in-depth questionnaire. Firstly, 2 youth from Barpak were trained in Kathmandu. Secondly, 20 youth from Barpak were trained in Barpak to carry out research.
  3. Barpak Information Center(BIC) was inaugurated in Barpak, on Bhadra 2072. The necessary furniture, stationary and paper work was prepared for the opening ceremony. The BIC is opened with it being the point of contact between Barpak, other organizations and government organizations. It will help in coordinating the activities within the organisation and enable collaboration with other organisations.
  4. Reconstruction of Khumche Gumba: Buddhist Philosophy promotion and monastery development committee, Nepal Government will be collaboration with HBFN to reconstruct Khumche Gumba. The reconstruction process will begin after the planning phase.
  5. Funding was provided for coaching classes for Students of higher secondary level in maths, english and science.
  6. Motivation and fear management class for students, for 500 students in 5 sessions, in collaboration with Edugarden P.Ltd, facilitated by Mr. Mahesh Gharti, Mr. Bibek Aryal and Mr. Jit Bahadur Ghale of HBFN.
  7. Teachers responsiblity on disaster management class for teachers, for 25 teachers in 1 session, in collaboration with Edugarden P.Ltd, facilitated by Mr. Mahesh Gharti, Mr. Bibek Aryal and Mr. Jit Bahadur Ghale of HBFN.
  8. Art of parenting and Manage children after disaster class for parents,for 200 parents in 2 sessions, in collaboration with Edugarden P.Ltd, facilitated by Mr. Mahesh Gharti, Mr. Bibek Aryal and Mr. Jit Bahadur Ghale of HBFN.

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT ( Ashad-Shrawan/June-July 2015)

We Coordinate, Manage and Organise:

  1. Frequent meeting with MIT Group Foundation on the Master Plan of rebuilding Barpak. However, we are waiting for government policy and instruction.
  2. Built Temporary Learning Center (TLC) of Shree Kanya Devi Secondary School, which has 219 students. Shree Bhagwati Lower secondary Schoo, which has 220 students. Coloured Zinc sheets were donated by Mr. Madhu Acharya and MIT group Foundation Australia.
  3. In the field of Education: *Planning on "Distance Online Learning" for education quality upgrade with our educational partners. *Emphasis on education quality upgrade for SLC and Higher secondary students in math, english and science to improve their results. *Providing coaching classes on math, english and science for SLC students to improve their results. *Planning on providing proper infrastructure for schools.
  4. In the field of Health: *Planning on improving health sector in coordination with our health partners. But we are waiting for government policy and instruction for its implementaion.
  5. In the field of Training Program: *Planning on providing vocational training, such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Masonry and electrical, which will help in rebuilding Barpak and improve livelihood. *Training on livelihood improvement. * Training on livestock Management. *Training on agriculture such as potato cash crop, coffee plantation, vegetable, fruits and herbal medicine. Implementation of the above mentioned programs will start after monsoon season.
  6. Follow up of casulities.
  7. Distribution of solar light/charger donated by Akio Ashara, Sapana Ltd., Japan.
  8. Monetary Contribution to HBFN by Institute of Tropical Medicines/ staff and Alumni, Antwerp, Belgium through Dr. Shishir Dahal( Radiologist, Bir Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal).

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT (Jestha-Ashad/May-June)

We Coordinate, Manage and Organise:

  1. Held meeting with Barpak Well wishers Mr. Mickey Gordon and Ms.Kate Lord from UK and monetary contribution to HBFN.
  2. Held meeting with Baideshik Rojgar Tamu Samaj and monetary contribution to HBFN.
  3. Distribution of books for students of class 11 and 12.Stationery distibution for SLC appeared students donated by Women LEAD, Jawalakhel, Nepal.
  4. Monetary Contribution by Mr.Durga Bahadur Ghale and his friend Mr.Jeet Bahadur Khatri to HBFN.
  5. Distribution of P&G Water purification donated by NIDS.
  6. Distribution of Solar Charger, where there is no acess of electricity through generator i.e, ward 1,2,3, donated by Mr.Kushal Gurung,Chairperson of Wind Power Nepal.
  7. Meeting with Dr. Narayan Khadka, Minister of Urban Development, regarding rebuilding of Barpak.
  8. Distribution of medicines and blankets donated by NRNA.
  9. Health Camp organised by Dr. Bishal Dhakal chairperson of Health at home/health advisor HBFN .
  10. Distribution of clothes donated by friends from NRN Hongkong.
  11. Training on livelihood upgrade 'Handmade Nepali Paper Production " was provided for local women.

MONTHLY   ACTIVITY   REPORT (Baishak-Jestha/ April-May 2015)

 We Coordinate, Manage and Organise:

  1. On 26th April casulities were rescued by helicopter and admitted in a hospital in Pokhara. Exec. Member Min Bdr Ghale and Jit Bdr Ghale, went straight from Kathmandu to Pokhara to visit and help casulities. Other members visited and helped casulities, admitted in hospitals in Kathmandu.
  2. On May 8 first relief goods in bulk of 15 Tons ( tent, rice, salt, lentil, noodles, oil, etc) donated by Karmapa Sewa Samiti were distributed in Barpak Ward no. 2 , Rangrung, beacause the roads were blocked by landslide due to earthquake and villagers from all wards came for relief collection.
  3. At the same time one truck of relief goods(rice) arrived from Kathmandu for distribution donated by Dil Raj Ghale recently in UK.
  4. Distribution of relief goods( rice)donated by Lal Bahadur Ghale recently in USA.
  5. Distribution of relief goods( rice, lentil, oil, sanitary items, mosquito net ) donated by Help Nepal Network.
  6. Distribution of relief goods( tent, blanket,rice,biscuit,noodle) by Prag Jyotish Earthmovers, Assam,India.
  7. Distribution of relief good(rice) by Mr. Ujjwal Gurung and friends.
  8. W Foundation Chairperson Mr. Wook visited Barpak to distribute blankets and tents .
  9. Due to blockage of roads, casulities dischared from hospitals were unable to go back to Barpak therefore, fooding and lodging was provided for them.
  10. Distribution of relief good (rice) donated by Guru Dawa Lama.
  11. Installation of 50 KVA generator donated by Gorkhaly Foundation,USA.
  12. Management of fuel for the operation of generator, and electricity has been supplied everyday from 7pm to 10pm for ward 4 to 9, which has total household of 800.
  13. Distribution of 18 water tanks of 1000 ltrs capacity donated by Tamu Bauddha Sewa Samiti.
  14. Delivery of kits, medical kits, medicines and sanitary kits provided for health post in case of emergency.
  15. Distribution of Sanitary set donated by Beyond Nepal provided for teenagers and women.
  16. Built a temporary shelter with coloured aluminium sheet for Shree Himalaya Higher Secondary School with almost 1000 students, donated by MIT Group foundation, Australia.
  17. For Shree Narad Pokhari Secondary School, where 61 students study, colored aluminium sheets was provided by Ujjwal Gurung and Friends. This school has shifted from Gonje to Al Kang , Barpak due to landslide in the previous site.
  18. Medicine kits and water filter tools were collected from Emergency Department of Civil Hospital and Midwifery society of Nepal with the help of Dr. Kabir for distribution.
  19. Distribution of 50 number of plastic water jar donated by Himalaya plastic industry,Balaju.
  20. Distribution of relief goods( solar light, bitten rice, salt) donated by FNCCI,Nepal.
  21. Distribution of relief goods( box food, blanket, tent , water jarkin) donated by Ex-Contigent Singapore Police.
  22. Distribution of relief goods ( rice, tent) donated by Helping Hand Friends and family.
  23. Distribution of relief goods( tents) donated by Tara Gurung and Ramesh Gurung.
  24. Distribution of relief goods( rice, lentil) donated by Anuja Kavre.