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Barpak is a village situated in the northern part of the Gorkha district of Nepal. It is located about 1900 m above sea level and inhabited by Ghales, Gurungs, Sunwars and Pariyar. There are more than 1400 houses in the village. Being the epicenter and lodged on a steep hillside, the village was extremely hard hit by the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, final casualty figures is at 71. Reports say less than 16 of 1,400 homes remain standing.


  • Rebuilding Barpak Village is the principal goal of the organization.
  • To start programs for the welfare of the local community.
  • To organize “Online Distance Learning” Program for School Students to improve final exam results, and improve computer/technical education in the field of education.
  • To organize training program in agriculture including coffee plantation, potato cash crop, herbal medicine, vegetable and fruit production.
  • To organize training program on livestock management.
  • To organize training program on livelihood skills.
  • To organize vocational training on electrical, masonry, plumbing, carpentry, this will help in rebuilding Barpak and improve livelihood.
  • To assist in the preservation of historical monuments and public places in the Barpak VDC.
  • To operate programs on education, health, drinking water, environmental and physical development.
  • To assist the inhabitants of Barpak in case of a natural disaster, accidental or other conditions.
  • To assist in the eradication of unfair and unwanted social ethics that is prevalent in our society.
  • To organize seminars, discourse, activities and workshops relevant to human trafficking, crime against women, discrimination on the basis of caste and gender. To work for the prevention and control of such social problems.
  • To work in rural as well as urban areas on skills development through training for unemployed youth.
  • To plan and execute welfare and awareness program for the eradication of anti-social activities such as drug trafficking, drug abuse, human trafficking and prostitution.
  • To cooperate with the concerned body for improving conditions of orphans with emphasis on free education.
  • To conduct activities that help conserve our culture and tradition. Cultural programs such as dance, songs, arts and literature for the development of youth.
  • To assist in the development of women, dalits and children.
  • To fulfill the above mentioned goals and objectives with the permission from concerned authorities and the Government of Nepal.